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2020 Rental Information

General Rental Information

  • Damage/cleaning deposit:   A $300.00 damage/cleaning deposit is required at the time of reservation on all rentals.  This is to be done with a major credit card.  The deposit will be collected at the time you reserve your rental.  If the RV is returned dirty (interior) or with any damage, the deposit will not be refunded and if repair/cleaning charges exceed $300.00, the renter is responsible for the difference.  If the holding tanks are not dumped prior to return, $45.00 will be retained out of the deposit.

  • Delivery:  Delivery within 50 miles of Helena is included.

  • Minimum rental period:  The minimum rental period is 2 weeks.

  • Smoking: Absolutely NO SMOKING is allowed inside our rental units.  Damage/cleaning deposit will not be refunded if the RV is smoked in. No exceptions.

  • Payment: Deposit must be paid at the time of rental reservation.  Full rental payment and deposit must be paid prior to the RV leaving our lot.  Deposit will be refunded when the RV is returned clean with the holding tanks dumped and there is no sign of smoking.

  • Insurance and Drivers License: If the renter is towing the RV, the renter must provide a copy of their current drivers license and proof of insurance covering the RV for the period of the rental. This insurance can generally be obtained through your vehicle insurance company or agent and is usually free. Tow vehicle MUST have a receiver hitch, 7 way wiring plug and electronic brake controller. If you need a brake controller installed prior to pick up, you must schedule that in with our service department well ahead of time.  Our service schedule is usually full for 2-4 weeks.  Please plan accordingly. Renter must be at least 25 years old. Rentals cannot be taken out of Montana.

  • Pick up and drop off:  Pick up and drop off is handled during our normal business hours.  Pick up can occur anytime after 10am and drop off must be prior to 4pm on the last day of your rental.

  • Hook ups: We need to know if you will have hook ups or not.  If you don't have hook ups we can fill the RV with water prior to your arrival if needed.  Please be advised that we provide 2 RV batteries on each rental.  The batteries do not operate the air conditoner or microwave.  You must have 110 volt electricity for these items.  2 batteries will usually last a weekend, but that depends on the user.  Excessive use of lights or cold weather requiring the furnace to operate will reduce the time that the batteries will provide power.  If the batteries lose too much power, the fridge will also shut down even though it is running on propane.  If you don't have electricity, you may want to have a generator available.

  • Bedding, cooking supplies etc: We provide propane, water in the tank if needed and RV toilet paper and chemical.  We do not provide any bedding or silverware/cooking equipment.  Please plan to bring that with you.

  • Equalizer hitch/Sway control:  We recommend the use of an equalizer hitch regardless of the tow vehicle.  However,if you have a 1/2 ton tow vehicle(F150, 1500) we require you to use an equalizer hitch with sway control. An equalizer hitch "equalizes" the weight between the tow vehicle and the RV.  It shifts some weight off the back axle of the tow vehicle back to the front axle which is where most of your braking and all of your steering takes place, something that is crucial on gravel/dirt roads.  There is no modifications to your tow vehicle for this.  The equalizer hitch slides into your receiver hitch on the back of the tow vehicle.  You want to be sure you have a receiver hitch as this is required to tow one of our rental RV's.  You can rent the equalizer hitch from us if you don't have one.  If you have your own, it must be adjustable and there will be a $45.00 charge for our staff to set it up.  If it is not adjustable, be advised that it may not work.

  • Brake Controller:  State law says you must have a brake controller to pull our rental trailers.  If you do not have a brake controller, you can have one installed in your tow vehicle.  Another option is that you can rent one from us.  We require a deposit of $250.00 and the rental fee is $50.00 regardless of the length of the rental.